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How to be successful in an upside down world

Exclusive to the Entrepenuer in you

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Watch the Video to Discover EXACTLY what YOU’VE BEEN MISSING  your whole life… Guaranteed.

This mastermind is for you if you want the blueprint to success and are willing to commit to your greatness. 

The concept is simple. We take the insights, wisdom, struggles and wins from an industry leader and pair them with high performance coaching, thought frameworks and success blueprints to create a community where peers learn, grow and tap into the highest potential possible. 

Join us for an intense 8 week bootcamp starting on July 7th at 12:00 pm central to learn the truth about why it is that you sabotage the results you want in your life.  Why it is that no matter how successful you are there is still that void, that feeling that there is something missing, a want for something more.  There is a reason, a truth but it is nothing that we are made aware of and so we continue to solve for the wrong problem.

Many of us feel the same way…our brain interrupts our potential with thoughts like these:

Who Am I?

My name is Leah Roling. I am a lucky wife, proud mama of 3 amazing boys and an all love St. Bernadoodle.  I am a guacamole obsessed, LEO, enneagram 3, and a self-care junkie. 

I am a thought coach and strategist, author, public speaker and unapologetically imperfect. 

I help entrepreneurs (or those that want to be entrepreneurs) stop sabotaging their results so they can choose who and what they want to be.  Free to grow their business.  Free to make their impact.  Free to find alignment.  Free to find both the clarity and energy to live the life they are meant for. 

Knowing the model, and using the BE Method ™️ allows for a permanent paradigm shift, and supports the ability to consistently coach through any obstacle, situation or circumstance.

My Journey

After 25+ years in corporate I left and started my own coaching company and methodology.  After spending 30 years trying to find my worth in accomplishing, trying harder, doing more, searching for answers, finding none I had an epiphany.  The answers were never found because I was solving the wrong problem. 

My quest is to help people to see that there is nothing wrong with them.  They don’t need fixed.  The only thing that needs “fixed” is the belief that they do. 

My BE method ™️ is a combination of my personal development journey along with my multiple certifications and degrees in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurolinguistics programming, Hypnosis, Quantum Science, Metacognition and Metaphysics, and Phd programming.

This method combines a framework for thinking along with a state of being.  This method has been consistently producing results for hundreds  of Entrepreneurs, Business owners, CEOs, and Leaders all around the country.


That’s why I’m giving you 60 Days to show up and do the work and if you still don’t know HOW TO:

Here is what people are saying

Misguided Thoughts

These misguided thoughts rob us from our highest potential.  I know this because when we solve for these thoughts people 10X their life.  In this mastermind we will solve for the following:

These principles, frameworks, hacks, systems and strategies are all researched in science, tested for efficacy, tried and true.  I am so confident in these tools that if you don’t think better, feel better, and become better I will give you your money back.

People Want

You are not alone. Everyone I meet FEELS this way...
Because EVERYTHING we’ve ALL been told
has been a solution to the wrong problem.

Mastermind Promises

Health, Happiness and Success are not mutually exclusive. Just because you react well to life doesn’t mean you are living it.

Pain Point/Be State

I ignore my needs and wants

I validate, see and listen to my intuitive self.

Should I have just kept my corporate job

I know and trust who I am, what I want and what I want to do

I am up at night - unsettled, uneasy

I know what and how to process the emotions that keep me awake at night

I am a people pleaser

I trust my inner knowing.

I second guess myself

I am free to do and create what I want without asking for permission.

I never have enough time and I am constantly frazzled

I can manage my emotions, my mind and my time.

I am my worst critic

I have claimed my genius.

I live in my past with regret and worry about the future

I am focused on the possibilities of my future.

I worry about money, time, and being enough

I am abundant in all things

I wish my circumstances were different

I am aware of where scarcity shows up in my life.

I look to outside situations to dictate my happiness

I am ALL IN with the solution that I am in 100% control of -

I want to live more intentionally and I don’t know how

I am ALL IN with the BE method

What matters to me is secondary to everyone else

I expect what I want because I matter and that is not at the expense of anyone else

I lack confidence in holding and setting boundaries

I am able to set boundaries and hold accountability

I usually avoid difficult conversations and people

I can handle difficult people and conversations

This is exactly what we’ll be uncovering in our 8 Week Mastermind We are going to support you every step of the way. Find EXACTLY what’s been missing your whole life – Guaranteed.