Double Your Month

The only dental mastermind that pairs what you know about the science of dentistry
with what you were never taught about the science of profitability.

Mastermind starting on June 3rd

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Are you tired of this promise or something similar?  If you are like so many of my clients I bet you are.  Promises of higher production.  Promises of decreased overhead.  Promises of better systems & processes. Promises that your team is going to drive the profitability in your office once in for all.  Don’t get me wrong all of these are important but they alone are only as effective as you are.  When you pair what you know about the science of dentistry with what you were never taught about these 3 critical elements of profitability, doubling your month is not only attainable but repeatable.

The Science of CEOship + The Science of Leadership + The Science of Thoughtship = The Science of Profitability

Here is what you get when you join the Double your Month Mastermind.

The Proven 5 Tiered Dental Leadership Framework

Learn the 5 tiers of science based leadership that they didn’t teach you in dental school that will make you and your team happier, more motivated and boost performance and productivity.

The Successful Dental Practice Money Blueprint

The simple strategy that optimizes your production without the burnout and overwhelm from working harder, longer days.

The CORE 5. The Success Habits of High Performing Dental CEO’s

Cultivate scientifically proven dental habits that not only measure high performance and profitability but vitality, longevity, meaningful connections and overall well-being.

One Hour Live Coaching Call

One hour live coaching call each week via zoom and recorded in case you are unable to attend. Attendance is super important to not only your success but the success of the group.

8 weeks of Success Dental Blueprints

Dental Success blueprints, along with abundance frameworks and high performance coaching curriculum.

Private Community

A Dental Community of high performing dentists working together to double your month, lead more effectively, and communicate more clearly without the burnout. You do not have to do dentistry in isolation.  Leverage the support of this group with the accountability to level up your practice.

Master The Key Areas Of Your Life

Master the key areas of your life to optimize both your potential as a dentist and CEO. Help build your practice by leveraging tools, success strategies and researched frameworks in the area of neuroscience, high performance coaching and metacognition.

Quantitative assessments

You can’t measure what you don’t monitor.  These quantitative assessments will help you measure, monitor and maximize your capabilities not only as a dentist but as a leader and influencer in your field.

This Mastermind is for you

Over 8 weeks in this Mastermind, learn what nobody ever taught you in dental school about how to have a successful dental practice without working harder and burning out.

If you want these results:

Here is what people are saying

People Want

You are not alone.
Most every Dentist can relate to one, two or all of these ...
Because EVERYTHING we’ve ALL been told
has been a solution to the wrong problem.

Mastermind Promises

Who Am I?

My name is Leah Roling. I am excited to be your coach during this mastermind. I have had the distinct privilege of learning from some of the best thought leaders in the science space of neuroplasticity, metaphysics, neuroscience and human performance and behavior.  I have learned under the likes of Daniel Amen, Joe Dispensa, Bruce Lipton, Brendon Burchard to name a few.  

I help Dentists just like you pair the science you know in Dentistry to the science I know in fields of psychology, performance, and profitability.  

I have taken the 2+decades of research, learning and certifying and have created success and result oriented models, methods and frameworks. My BE method ™️ is a combination of this research, along with my multiple certifications and degrees in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurolinguistics programming, Hypnosis, Quantum Science, Metacognition, Metaphysics, and Phd programming. 

These methods and models have been consistently producing results for hundreds of Dentists around the country. 


We are so confident that when you apply the science of profitability in your practice that you will make at least $6k more a month in our 8 weeks together.

If you don’t make at least $6k more in 8 weeks, you will get another 8 weeks of support FREE and if you still don’t make at least $6k, you get your money back. GUARANTEED.  ($6000 value) 

I want to eliminate any doubt on your end by taking away all the risks.

Here is what I know for sure.  8 weeks will arrive. And if you continue to do the same thing you have been doing, you will continue to get the same results you have been.  I want more for you.  The question is do you?  What do you want for yourself 2 months from now?  6 months from now.  If you could be making 10,20, 30 K more each month, how would that impact your practice?  Your family?  Your experiences? 

You are too smart to ignore the fact that if you keep doing what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always got.  Your very familiar past will no doubt become your very predictable future.  I know what is available. I have worked with so many dentists just like you that have course corrected not only their profitability but their life.  That is why I am offering you a NO BRAINER choice.  You can’t lose.  You either make 6K more in 8 weeks or your money back.  I don’t want any doubt, delay to impact your decision to join today.  I don’t want any money scarcity to delay your choice.  I don’t want promises that fell flat to give you doubt or pause.  I want you to choose you.  Your practice.  Your profession.  If you make that investment – you will never look back.


Still not sure? 

Bonuses Mastermind

Million Dollar Dentist Strategy Call

Strategize your specific money, time and practice goals and customize a plan to get you there.  ($1500 value. Limited to the first 5 to enroll)

Dental Coaching School

Done for you team training.  Access to our top favorite 5 Mindset Modules for your team to cultivate a drama free, excellence driven culture.  ($5000 value.  Limited to the first 7 to enroll)

Dental CEO Abundance Blueprint

Go from overanalyzing and undervaluing to decisiveness and charging what you are worth. This Dental to CEO framework teaches you the way. ($1200. Limited to the first 10 to enroll)